Introduction To Dynamic Website Creation Course

Introduction To Dynamic Website Creation Course

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dynamic website course

The internet is just like a pool which contain millions of websites and there are different categories and types of website.Some of the websites are static and some are dynamic websites.But nowadays more than half of websites are dynamic.

why dynamic website’s!

Dynamic website provides easiness to the web administrator. The web administrator has just only to code website single time and update the website from the backend (Admin) section without touching any code of the website, while in the static website’s updating,the updater have to change in the coding of the website.

In this tutorial course (How to design or develop  dynamic website) we will guide you from scratch to the end and show you how to develop a dynamic website.and how to develop or code the administrator area of your website and to query the database and display all items from your database on the front of your website and give a layout to your front data (dynamic) which a user can see on your website.

Web development resources used in this course are :

  •  Html
  •  Css
  •  PHP
  •  Mysql
  •  WAMP (Free server)


What we will cover in this course :

  1. How to code static website (html + css)
  2. How to make a static website dynamic (PHP + mysql)
  3. How to display data in a specific layout from database on the front end with the help of css.


Pre-requirements for this course :

You should have a basic knowledge of html, css, PHP and mysql. If you don’t have any knowledge of the css check out our beginners tutorial for css course, and the rest of them we will provide a tutorial course in the near future



  1. plz explain in more detail css. and html… and how to create a sub categories in desire menu e.g in home or other menu.. using blogspot dynamic template…

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