How To Change WordPress Admin Page Url (wp-admin)

How To Change WordPress Admin Page Url (wp-admin)

how to change wordpress admin url

Today we are going to provide you a tutorial on how to hide or change wordpress admin page url (wp-admin).The reason is why we want to change or hide this url that no one except the admin can login is because now a days malware and different types of attacks are done by attackers/hackers to break you wordpress security or to crash your website and this process is easily done from the wordpress admin page (wp-admin) by passing an sql injection in the login form or same attack like this.So in our today tutorial we will discuss different way’s to protect our wordpress admin page from hacker.

There are different ways to do this task and protect your page from hacker’s.


1. Using Plugins :

Now a days plugin are the most powerfull resource on wordpress platform.Because every type of plugin is available, some of them are paid and some of them a free.But most of the plugins are free for wordpress or you can also use the alternate plugin of the payed plugin for your own purpose.

So for wordpress security there are alot of  plugins used.Today we will talk about a single plugin here which can proctect your wordpress website from being hacked by hacker.

Better wordpress security

Better wordpress security is a plugin which can not only protect your admin url but can also protect your database including htaccess file,theme files and many more.This plugin find the wholes in wordpress database and recover all the wholes through which hacker can hack your website.So i recommend Better wordpress security plugin to use for your wordpress website.

If you want to use the plugin check out the video guide of how to configure wp better security plugin click the below link will carry you to youtube priortuts channel.

how to change wp-admin url using better-wp-security plugin

2. Editing WordPress Files :

In this section of the tutorial you have to edit the wordpress file to change only the url of the admin page.You have to edit three files in the cpanel or ftp of your website.Be calm and login to your website control panel and go to file manager where you have install the wordpress and perform the following changes given below :

1. Open wp-config.php file and add the following code to the file.

2. Add the filters given below to the wordpress function.php file :

3. Add the below code to .htaccess file which will be avaliable in the root directory of wordpress installation if the htaccess file is hidden than mark the show hidden files in the filemanager :

RewriteRule ^secret-folder/(.*) wp-admin/$1?%{QUERY_STRING} [L]

By perform all these three steps you can then access your wordpress admin section by below url :

If you have another way to change the admin access files which i have not include in the tutorial and have any problem performing the process feel free to  post that in the comment.

Checkout the update post here protect wordpress wp-admin


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  2. Kolay gelsin kardeş. Siten güzel olmuş.
    Merak ettiğim bir konu var siteyi nerde barındırıyorsun?
    yani hostingin neresi? ücretsiz mi? birde benimde wp_admin.php ile ilgili bir sorunum var. normalde ben wp in core dosyalarını editleyerek hallediyorum admin login i ama bu sayfa ya giden link anasayfada hala http://www….com/wp-login.php şeklinde gözüküyor. Halbuki ben bütün core dosyalarını editlemiştim.mesela gizli_login.php gibi. Bunu nasıl değiştirebiliriz? Artı bu değişmeyen login linki sonsuz döngüye sebep oluyor. Gerçi benim için sorun değil varsın sonsuz döngülü kalsın diyorum ama seo açısından çok olumsuz. Bu değişmeyen anasyafadaki wp_login.php yi nasıl nofollow larız?

    • hayır eklenti htaccess code.only SEO bulaşmaz bu eklenti this.and herhangi bir değişiklik sadece htaccess dosyası için ekstra bir kod eklemek ve bu eklenti sadece izin senin dosyaları değiştirmek ve eklemek olduğunu daha iyi wp güvenlik kullandığınızda web sitenizin aynı kalır çünkü sadece web sitenizin diğer dosyaları üzerinde yönetici (wp-admin) enfeksiyona happend sadece değiştirmek web.

  3. I think he reffers to the fact that after you write the text you want to change the ‘wp-admin’ in, it doesn’t work. it still redirects him to ‘wp-admin’ (and it doesn’t load) instead of the new link. I am also having difficulties with this, i cannot change it, after going through your steps. Do you mind creating a step by step tutorial? Thank u!

  4. Hello,

    I’m trying to hide the wp-admin and wp-login url on my website and i have found your site.

    So while the Better WP Security plugin indeed activate the site to work with “”, it still ‘redirects’ to the wp-admin showing that on the url/address bar on the browser. Is this correct behavior or am i doing something wrong?

    And if i try to follow the second option, I keep getting a too much redirect when trying to access the “/admin” and i only have added the rule to the wordpress default .htaccees, should i remove anything from it?


    • thankyou for comment..just install the plugin.go to wp security setting..on the dashbord you will get information about the fixes..just click on each and every title (click here to fix) and fill the require fields and you have done…if there is any more problem than you can reply me here..and after installation and configuration.on your wordpress admin area (wp-admin) you will get don’t find the specific directory or something like that..mean wp-admin will show (the page you are looking for cannot be find on the server)..that’s it..
      for more tutorial stay tuned with us..

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