How To Create Photoshop Glossy Effect

How To Create Photoshop Glossy Effect

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glossy efffect photoshop tutorial

Some or the other time each and everyone of us using photoshop,might surely have felt a need to add Glass effect to and item.

In today’s tutorial we will be learning how to add a glass touch to any object,shape or text. The tutorial is for a novice to intermediate Photoshop user.

Following steps must be performed in specified order to get an Glossy image from scratch, we will be designing a rounded corner colored glass with some text on it.

Step 1 – Click on File -> New or Press CTRL + N to create a new canvas. See below

glassy effect photoshop tutorial

Step 2 – Give any desired name in the name field and specify desired Width and height.
click OK.

(Note : In this example we have taken 15 cm both)

photoshop glossy effect tutorial

Now we can see the following in our Photoshop window. This is where we will be building our  glass object.

phooshop glossy text effect

Step 3 – Now on the bottom-left side of our window we can see SHAPE button. Click the shape icon and select a Rounded-rectangle. Draw rectangle by using drag similar to as shown below :

glossy effect photoshop

Our rectangle is by default named as “Rounded Rectangle 1″, though one can select whatever he wants by Righ-Click and rename layer.

Now go on selecting color and stroke for the rectangle from the shape toolbar above as shown.

glossy photoshop effect

glossy efffect photoshop tutorial

Set opacity of rectangle in following way( Make sure it is 100%).

photoshop tutorial

Last step for this shape is to set its blending properties as shown below(Gradient, shadow , contour).

photohop tutorial glossy effect


glossy effect


glossy effect tutorial photoshop
Step 4 – Now select Text icon to add any text to our design. Here we have take sample text as “Text”.

glossy effect

Set properties of the text as shown below (Raavi, 72pt, sharp, light green):


Now specify its Blending properties as we did for previous one:

photoshop designing

photoshop effects


Set Opacity same way as above to 70%.

Now our image will be looking like this :


Step 5 – Create one more rounded rectangle and place it over the other layers.(Here “Rounded-Rectangle 2″).

graphics designing

effect designing

Rectangle should be having following properties set in above bar (No fill,No Stroke).


Set blending options for this layer as follow (only gradient).


Set Opacity same way as above to 60%.

Step – 6 Now add one more Rounded rectangle (Here “Rounded-rectangle 3″) on top with following dimension.


And set its properties (White fill, No stroke) in bar as shown :


Set Opacity same way as above to 25%.

The Glass effecr is achieved and final image will look like :


(NOTE: You can also find attached PSD file with the tutorial to get a hold of this better.)

Hope you enjoyed our tutorial.
Keep coming back for more great tutorials on our site. :)


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